At The End Of The Day

Before this beginning, if the pages weren’t blank, I wouldn’t have begun. Empty that that is, a world of wonders, it becomes rather relevant to compose whether it creates meaning or it doesn’t… It just better to keep it filling or it’ll just be a swamp over laziness..

Those few seconds left to lose until the dying day,

Few moments to spare ourselves and listen…

If tonight these words will hit the right chord,

All of the worlds will make it’s worth come true.

This is the morning would anyone have wondered if I would know this night has to end with failure in hand. And every so, does this day keeps on going like an aeroplane in the sky unknown where to go. The direction is what those in the meters digitally there show, but I don’t know where to go. Still, I’m in the air flying on the heights of life. At the verge of shrinking dreams, one seems losing the urge to fly. There’s so land offering sweetness and bitterness is what that follows the flow. And at the end of the day, an empty soul finds an empty mate.

Listen to this story, as if it isn’t something new but it’s different. Near your ears, listen to the music shuffling the tones one after the another. Shift your feet a little and feel the hollowness beneath the earth. Move your eyes around and witness the slumber.
So, this be the end of today and impossibly another one to follow!


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