Thy Strength

Here thy strength in favour of disguise, and no sound to hear,

No lessons to learn, no time to bear every word.

Some stop with silence and some strive through thunder,

No matter what walks with destiny and what rests with failure.

A courage that swarms through warm books of battles,

No matter what fights with destiny, what realise every fault.

Only own voice to mumble here where no one around,

To hold the hands and walk behold blessings and desires.

And to wait where the mantle goes, to worth who holds,

Fortune and time who do believe, or who time pleases for a streak.

Here thy strength in favour of fortune , prayers and wishes,

No matter what goes inside the pit, what hard work pending,

Be free in the air, quest and desire to reach the reach high up.

Here thy strength in favour of courage, to step beyond the limits,

To set examples for future to come and a present to believe.

And to emerge from the hardest of time, and fly away to the sky,

Let every breath feel the freedom to reach, to be a star and shine!

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Yetesh Sharma