I’m Yetesh Sharma, 26, Filmmaker, Blogger, and an aspiring traveler. I’m a proud alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India, and I’m bringing in a team of Filmmakers, Writers, and Contributors who aim to make this place a haven for bright ideas and opinions coupled with immense responsibility towards the well-being of the society.


The Writers Age is my dream project which took its baby steps with a Google Blog in 2014 which continued to deliver posts for a year. This later shifted to WordPress blog in late 2015 where posting continued for about 4 years which were undeniably irregular. The need to make it serious lingered until the present website took shape and is prevalent right where you are right now. This makes me immensely happy and contented that you’re paying a visit here and I would do whatever that makes you feel at home. My vision is to make The Writers Age a known name in the field of online media company and if you are with me, there’s nothing that could stop me from making it a reality.


I come from a filmmaking and journalism background with Post-Graduate Diploma in English Journalism(2017-2018) from India’s Premiere Institute for Journalism & Mass Communication. I started writing at the age of 12 while composing snippets of issues that concerned my tender mind. I remember a neighbor who was habitual of throwing garbage straight into the adjacent park. Naturally, it made me immensely furious and out of a strange call for writing, I wrote a piece that ultimately fell into the hands of my parents. They did what was needed; fix the ideologies of sick minds. I realized the power any piece of writing had. Thereafter, I would stick to write anything that I found touching and coming straight from my heart. I too remember winning prizes for poetry and writing competitions at school and several online platforms.


My tryst with filmmaking began when I was about 13 and had a colossal piece of technology at my disposal; my mother’s camera phone! Realizing the possibility of creating magic with a simple option of “cutting” and “resuming” the video at any point, pushed me to make a feature-length film which ultimately turned out to be a rage in the locality back in those time when the internet had hardly pierced into our lives. This feature film directing rhythm continued till 2013 when the fourth installment of the movie was shown to an audience of 300 people in the society park. Some wannabe actors still ring the house bell asking for a role in our upcoming movie; still a cult in the locality. I want to continue to make such movies but by making it so large that the message reaches across the oceans.


To bring about the best of poetry, and feature articles in English, Hindi and Punjabi languages.

To discover topics that concern our people and be fearless to talk about it on this unbiased platform.

To film hard, untouched truth that is earthed, and to discuss topics with people who are brave enough to make a change.

To build a community that offers equal opportunities for all to voice their opinion.


You can contribute too, in fact, we insist you too!

We are an open community and anything which you would want to contribute and suggest will surely be considered.

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