Will I Ever See You?

Your real facts have real words today,

Yes through my eyes murmurs sound.

The voice in me peep real windows,

I am with you always at your side.

Won’t my passion meres my real heart,

Won’t my words be best for you?

There ate future’s strike elite,

My lips may sound real essence for you.

Under the light, near the porch,

As you stand, like memories as my own.

Like you are me at mirrors all around,

My voice just gets no words.

A world for more just less than you,

When hate the ways I make.

I see my own and fade new sworn,

Things just lean lenient apart.

For the streak, I had lost, maybe forever,

Nothing just makes me feel apart.

Stolen things are never owned,

And so yet the gifts feel repenting upon.

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Yetesh Sharma