Kabira and His Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a shepherd named Kabira, who longed to live across the bridge with his sheep. He had a small hut, a small shed, and a small no of sheep in the herd.
His income from the wool had dwindled sincerely and he found none other than moving across the bridge as the remedy.
His wife Manju and daughter Meera sought positive gestures to his idea. So, they agreed to leave on the first Monday of the coming summers.
The day came, little cloudy on the west. “Think good and nature is against you!” said Kabira in a dismal voice.
Anyhow they began their journey.
Just a few distances passed and they came across an old banyan tree. Meera got excited about its branches which lay down on the earth like a swing on the other side.
Daddy, please! May I take this swing for just once?” said Meera.
C’mon child! We have a long way to go!”
Daddy please?”
Okay! But just for once,” remarked Kabira.
Just then Meera swirled across the banyan tree, lifted it back, and gave a long blow to the branch.
Is it enough? We need to move on” said Manju on Meera just giving it another try.
Kabira sighed a bit on his daughter’s expressions but gained the courage to move on.
Beginnings” as he remarked to himself ” have the sweetest taste of anything in life. But… ” he stopped there.
Manju and Meera wondered what really had happened.
Kabira pointed his fingers towards the bridge. Both of them gave a howling look at what he wants them to see.
Just then the three of them saw that a bridge had got a deep crack.
Karuna’s bridge, people usually it by the name, as a symbol of mercy to the passengers who use to travel by the bridge over the river Kosi had been seriously damaged.
Alas! We have no other way to go across the river. We are ruined, we are totally...” Kabir went weeping just then it began drizzling.
The few drops of rain started taking the shape of furious rain bit by bit.
A family, a family of a shepherd had been stranded by the gusts thrown to them by destiny, nature, and dire circumstances.
A ray of hope came visible to Kabira.
He exclaimed,” yes! I know what to do now! “.
He rushed swiftly back, his eyes gleaming, “I know it must be here somewhere!!! Manju, Meera will you please join?“.
The trio saw themselves right before the banyan tree.
That’s the one and only remedy! Manju you pick that broken branch on the left, I will pick up the rest and Meera you the bushes on the upright. Quick!” said Kabira hurriedly as he pulled one chunk of raw wood off the tree.
So, did the family as directed.
They swiftly ran towards the bridge in the midst of rain.
Kabira and his wife stacked the pieces of wood over the bridge to construct a short passway.
Meera threw the bushes over the wood so as to avoid slippery over the wet temporary construction.
This made the bridge overcome its shortcoming.
Kabira on the other hand decided to move on to final steps.
Manju! Let the sheep go first, then Meera, then you and I go next to you,” advised Kabira.
The family did the same.
One by one all the sheep were off the other side of the bridge.
Aided by courage, Meera also got herself to the other corner.
The crack had widened due to the increased flow of water over the river.
Run! Manju! Hurry up! It’s your turn now!” cried Kabira.
“Yes! Yes! ” replied Manju as she stepped over the woods.
Only Kabira was left on either side.
Just then he began to step over the wood, the bush went brushed off by a blow of strong wind.
So did one of the logs of wood dwindled by the crack which widened more wildly.
Kabira sought himself between the choices, whether he should jump or postpone.
Well, there was no scope of denying the chance at the mid of the success.
I ought to make a jump!” cried Kabira knowing his decision could not help.
But it was the one and only method to overcome the situation.
Daddy! Please come to me! I want you here now! ” shouted Meera “There’s God, one for you, one for me and all for the world and I know he will not do anything wrong!” continued Meera as few drops of tears rolled her cheeks.
Yes! My dear! I don’t know what the next moment could be. But all you need to remember for the whole of your life is that I tried my best for a new beginning leaving my everything ahead and behind, whatever I will do know will be my strongest decision I have ever taken!” admired Kabira in a calm voice.
The rain had reached the extreme speeds, the valley could be seen shimmering with water that flowed everywhere.
Kabira stepped back a little, gained up his strength, buffed his breath, tightened his legs, ran fiercely toward the clot, and made a huge jump!
He barely touched the other end of the bridge that his foot slid over the wet surface closely in touch with the flowing river.
He was nearly about to get swept into the river that he saw another log of wood flowing over the river.
He pushed it forcibly as to climb up to the bridge once again.
At last, he was on the safer side.
Meera came running towards her father and hugged him tightly.
Manju also joined Kabira.
All three started crying but breathed a sigh of relief.
There’s God! There’s God!” shouted Kabira at the loudest.
The three continued there journey and finally reached their destination, their beginning.
There plan had been accomplished, the new house was right before their eyes as they could see it clearly, a room for themselves and a shed for all the sheep they could keep for their living, a new beginning.
Life offers millions of ways to continue life, be a mixed bag of feelings, challenges, remedies, and new beginnings every time his motive of that portion of that life gets completed.
Only a choice lies in the human to decide what to do next.
The beginnings are always beautiful though it comes with a lot of challenges, at last, the human gets what he wishes for.
I offered an answer to my shrewd mind, his all questions had been answered.
I offend myself for not been quick but what comes visible at the end is moral.
Maybe, this could be me myself as a storyteller first time but I know that I have made myself clear enough!
Yetesh Sharma