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The Walking and Shapeshifting Humans


Who are we without the circumstances there be?


I put this question forward with much malign intent. It’s quite malicious as well as I feel it is coming out of a feeling called “jealousy”. I admit, I’m quite immersed in this feeling for quite a while. Such a thing only comes up when you don’t have access to something that “they” already have. At the same time, I wonder, how superiors “their” lives maybe as they already have what I so desire. I don’t have any control over my imagination when I see how my life would be if I possess the same thing that they might have for so long. I don’t stop here. I want to contradict the whole course of my life thinking about what have I actually achieved if not the thing that I have right now. Consequently, the self-preacher in me shows up and says,” Of all the wise things that I desired, I seek to have them all. What materialism in that and what expectations out of the same – we must be satisfied with our possessions. There’s time for everything.” Even if I want this to not awaken, the spiritual angle wakes up and says,” We have done terrible things to ourselves and the people around us. It’s time for seeking penance in front of God for everything vice we have been part of, it has to and will show up. This is it.”


At this point, I say STOP.

Nothing makes sense. It’s all flawed. All terribly miscalculated.


Of course, the feelings are true. The thought is engrossing.

Interestingly, the “circumstances” are true. Something really has happened and I just can’t get my head out of it. If I think a little bit more, I realize it’s already too much. But it is what it has to be because the circumstances demanded so. It’s equally acceptable to think that a lot of things conspired to happen. Those may be circumstances too. Incidentally, nobody is watching and I’m quirky enough to not let my feelings leak. So, the impact of the circumstances and the feeling withers away. How?


I mean how?? Was that so easy to let that feeling sink in me without a single change in my character? Do I even really bother about being “jealous” of something?


Simply putting, I’m doing what I’m supposed to and just like everybody, I’m bound to my habits. And Just like everybody, the circumstances are shaping who I was, ever am, and ever will be. We are never supposed to dissociate ourselves from what’s around us. Balancing my thoughts, this is also an initial understanding. At the same time, it’s also something that asks:

Who are we without the circumstances there be?


Let me imagine myself in a solitary room, as someone would ask me to. I’d say no. Rather, I’d imagine myself in the midst of an important conversation with a client. The business is good and it’s a normal conversation about the deliverables and the strategy for next month. So, I have this “professional” persona turned on and it’s working wonders as I already have worked a lot to master it and somehow, I was “always made for it”.

Let me ask a single thing in a single second in the midst of the conversation. “How much of myself have I invested in that conversation?”. I’d say everything. I’m there to serve, please, and protect.

Consequently, in reference to the thought about the “circumstances”, I would ask what I am without the circumstances there be, affects me in that particular time and the time afterward.

“Everything”, I think this would be the answer. Of course, it has to be. If satisfying the client is my requirement for the particular circumstance or here I would say “work obligation” or “work activity”, then, I would happily be entering those circumstances and come out a winner.


This is crucial to know here. If the circumstances are good, then, we must oblige otherwise no?

One circumstance inspiring jealousy and the other inspiring confidence are different but should our intention to be a part of each be selective…

This requires a careful look.

Circumstances affects us in the most profound way. However, most of the impact of these circumstances seems to be short-lived. We may/may not take it for long depending on how deep and long-lasting those circumstances are. Something makes us feel angry, something happy, something inspired, something sad and so on. Selection is very subjective here. Time, people and places matter the most.


Now, this becomes a question of an enhanced plane. It is such a question because it has to free itself from the bounds of time, people and place. Why and how?


A lot of things have happened and everyone has gone through a lot of circumstances which certainly shapes us who we are and who we will be. Many of these circumstances lead to us to our present and the eventual future. I must say, there’s no point in wondering whether if some particular circumstance wouldn’t have occurred and you would done something else. It’s about accepting whatever there is and finding what’s more important for you to steer the future towards the better. So, let’s say that you are not going to smoke tomorrow against 5 times every day you do everyday. Imagine a doctor didn’t warn you that there’s no life for on the cards in the next 5 months if you don’t stop. Basically, it occurred to you somehow that you won’t be smoking anymore. Will it happen? Would you stop smoking, one set for all?


Remove the eventuality of the circumstance and you do what’s necessary. It’s possible.

Doing the necessary and thinking of avoiding the upcoming circumstances (good or bad)? It’s not possible.


This means that circumstances there will be. However, you’ll be somehow stepping up and choosing a better version of those circumstances. Does, this solves anything? Of course, it does but depends on how you keep it up. You are somehow keeping up with a lot of goods and vices. Meaning, you’ll be something but you get a little choice. I’d say that’s better.


First, we understand what are the circumstances, then, we question them, then, we imagine ourselves without them, then, we imagine ourselves with them, then, we analyse how crucial they have been, then, we think of doing necessary changes and then…. I wonder. But it’ll be good.

That makes us The Walking and Shapeshifting Humans of our own kinds!

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