The Playground

Amidst a tussle between the time spent and the time left, there’s this huge playground. We played our games well and of course, we’ll be playing well in the future too. But this isn’t our game anymore nor are its participants. So, what changed? Of course, there could be a debate if that’s a question because what does and what doesn’t. But, Knowing It makes a difference. Knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, and seeing it clearly in the daylight and choosing not to unsee and willing to do something about it – Makes the difference. Because this is a playground, and we were meant to play; So, Play, we shall.

Play to Build. Play to Justify. Play to Be.


Where Are We Headed To?


Let’s not jinx it with too much thought…

  • The Train has already left the station and you chose not to indulge.
  • You always had a back gate to crash whenever you wanted to.
  • Those “things” really made sense and now, they don’t
  • So much water under the bridge that it just doesn’t matter anymore
  • There’s no law justifying what has gone so terribly wrong


And thought there is to help pass this logic. Even if the eyes are so tired, they long for reason before they get a sleep. There’re a lot of ways to proceed but none goes anywhere. They are just made to fool.


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Yetesh Sharma