The Walking and Shapeshifting Humans

The walking and the shapeshifting human beings are the virtue of all the vices. Walking they are, as they would seem, holding all the prestige of being humans and accepting that their past holds quite a value, yet they are, as they seem to me, some ugly pillars with the inscriptions of massive failures that had laid their hopes to rest for good.

On the other hand, there are human beings, the obvious walking and shapeshifting kinds, who had lost value but for the good. Having seen them and vied to have become one of them, it is what it is – knowing that even though there’s quite a legacy of losing anything that gives them hope. Incidentally, hope is the single most-valued thing they don’t need.

Examples there might be ample because the variety of each is ample. However, it depends on what we seek to watch and imitate. At times, the novice would just ignore it. On the other hand, there’s someone who has watched and imitated enough. This is the take from that human being for other human beings who are both discussed above. Let’s unfold their mystery. Until then, the cause is unjustified.

Mystery 1

What/Who are these people?

The take of an outsider:

“Come what may, no one can take away their elegance from them. Working for years in shiny, lofty offices, there must be something in them that they shine too. As they talk, it is as if you always wanted to talk like them. The same is the yearning for how they walk, how they dress, how they achieve- whatever they are achieving. I don’t know what exactly it might be but it’s simply elegant.”

The take of an insider:

“What a pity. Wondering what led them to this trap. Might be money, of course. But do they have it? If not them then who has it? Investor! But where is she? Oh, yes! Playing higher from that investment. It’s business. They are the pawns. But they paid for being that pawn, they are contented being that pawn, that’s what they always wanted and that’s what they are proud of. I mean, why shouldn’t they be? At least a pawn they can be in the game, otherwise what would they do, if not for the game.”

Mystery 2

What do you/they want to be?

The Take of an Outsider:

“Time has an answer for everything. We do have the grit to take the world head-on. What if it takes a little more? It’ll be easy as you know you already possess what it takes. It isn’t defined, so can’t argue! We are ready to be solitary and hide for a while. When we will come out, we’ll all be set.

Then, the time passes/passed.

“Thinking is cluttered and it’s just fine, though. It had to be like that. Maybe everyone goes through it too. It will eventually be over.”

More time passes/passed.

“Let’s do whatever there is. Big or small – doesn’t matter. It’s better than not doing anything at all. I’ll have a more exaggerated failure story to recite – however, based on reality. This was always supposed to be. So, don’t grieve. Do something.”

Most time passes/passed.

“Let’s be where everyone is. There is a story and mine isn’t. It shouldn’t come to a point where I question everything. What better truth than reality itself? From these remaining pieces, I’ll carve out a story. There is much to do and much left to say”.


And time passed and eventuality dawned. The eternity was over and breaths were last. The walking and shapeshifting human became a pillar himself.


The Take of an Insider:


“I’ll play no cards because the game is already on. I’ll stay away because of everything I need to watch and learn. Let’s be safe, under their shade, and be what we want to be as we know how they, who already have been here years before us, have played it too.”

Time passes and passes…



Who are we without the circumstances there be?

Who are we without the fears of being and not being?

Who are we without the constraints – self or the world- imposed?


The question has always been about us. Our story, our circumstances, our fears, and our boundaries. Never for once did the world ask about us. And still, we somehow perceive our life as about us. As I look through the sense of it, I wonder how could it actually be. Does this mean that we have no say even about our own life? Of course, we do. We always will.


It will be in the shape of our aggression, our love, our whatever on the basis of how the world responds to us. Of course, it is subjective to what we are, in what world we live in, and what we strive to be. Matter of fact, it’s such vast a topic that it requires an extensive write-up. Putting it in simple words, it just means that it’s our life as the reflection of others. Where exactly are we? Later, do we actually require ourselves?


This is it for now. I will be covering the follow-up story in the next post.


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Yetesh Sharma

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