Talk of Love and Dreams

I have done this before. This time, it has to be worth it.

Let’s talk!


Me: “Who are You?”

Her: “I might be someone who you saw in your dreams or someone who let you suit your reality on that dream”

Me: “Isn’t it auspicious – you sitting right next to me and the talk of dreams begins?”

Her: “It isn’t meant to matter as long as we are up for making our dreams a reality. Choose to talk wise and dreams ensue.”


Someone is really talking the way I would have wished to. Drawing inspiration from this, I proceeded.


Me: “I wonder if you stay because all things wise tend to wither.”

Her: “I know you are new to the realm- hence, this worry. But, don’t! Imagine, if you can – the possibilities of us.”

Me: “What, us? What are we?”

Her: “Do we really have to put it in words to lose the essence of it all? You might relate to what Gibran once said.”

Me: “Of course, but let’s not be vague.”

Her: “Let’s just say, I’m yours. Good-bad, everything-nothing, dream-reality, whatever you feel is good with me”

Me: “You’re mine. For how long?

Her: “For as long as this invisible touch continues to throb in your heart, for as long as you would want more of me, and for as long we live in these words of yours”

Me: “It would be eternity then. Makes sense!”

Her: “What if I lose you?”

Me: “Why would you say that?”

Her: “If you know questions, then I do too. Answer me”

Me: “The thought hurts. But I realize, how real are you. If I won’t be with you, what will you become? The same’s with me. You losing me equates to me losing you.”

Her: “Are you sure you’ll lose me?”

Me: “If all my mission is to lose just like every minute, every second of lost life, then, I could lose you too. It’s not definite but it definitely is planned.”

Her: “Why would you say that?”

Me: “How unimaginative a man can be. Seeing no light in thoughts when needed the most. Now, that you want to know, I will say – I’m here to stay – with you, forever. Nothing can stop me from believing and doing things that will come in the way”

Her: “You’re evading the question”

Me: “I intend to evade every occasion of you losing from me. God’s the connection that binds us together.”

Her: “You sure have a nice learn and a way of telling. I don’t but I want to believe that I do.”


That was intense. It’s a like a mirror talk. Where does it want to head to? Should it even head somewhere?

Let’s just say she’s the kindest of them all. That sums it up.



The Underline:

The story revolves around a conversation between two individuals discussing dreams, connections, and the fear of losing each other. The protagonist expresses their desire for the current endeavor to be worth it, suggesting that they have been through similar experiences before. The conversation unfolds with philosophical and poetic undertones, exploring the nature of their relationship and the significance of dreams and reality.

The protagonist finds solace in the way the other person speaks, remarking that they are talking in a manner they had always wished for. Inspired by this, they engage in a dialogue about the transience of wisdom and the possibilities that lie ahead for them. The nature of their connection is left unspoken, emphasizing that it transcends verbal description but encompasses everything from the good to the bad, dreams to reality.

The fear of losing each other arises, and the protagonist raises questions about the duration of their connection. The other person reassures them, stating that as long as the intangible bond continues to resonate within the protagonist’s heart and they desire more of each other, their connection will endure. However, the protagonist expresses concern about the possibility of losing the other person, and they both acknowledge the pain associated with such a loss.

The other person cryptically hints that losing them might equate to the protagonist losing themselves, emphasizing their interdependence. While the thought of losing each other is distressing, the other person affirms their commitment to staying with the protagonist forever, asserting that nothing can hinder their belief and dedication to their connection. The mention of God implies a spiritual or metaphysical dimension to their bond.

The protagonist acknowledges the other person’s eloquence and expresses a desire to believe in their own capacity for such expression. The story ends by suggesting that the other person is the kindest among all others, leaving the direction of their relationship open-ended and questioning whether it needs a specific destination.

The story explores themes of love, connection, the fragility of relationships, and the intertwining of dreams and reality. It conveys a sense of intensity and emotional depth in the characters’ dialogue, hinting at a profound connection between them.


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