Undo: The Diary Entry of A Nobody

Whatever hour this may be, in whatever motivation I’m into; allow me to put in motion some thoughts chaining me back.

  • Gracious that person may be, whom I chose to be mine. Somehow a thread ripped apart the entire sweater worn together by us in times cold and dark. A knowledge still haunts, yelling to find a reason as to why if one drowned, the other swelled with pride?
  • A place where dreams rested and flowers sprouted out of passion. Find about what I say, pointing at what, and reminiscing whom. A journey without which the wheels won’t have rolled, my eyes wouldn’t have seen hope and any reason won’t have made any sense.
  • Grounds on which this text is based, lifeless it seems without it being relevant. To me and to say at least, everyone who even once be regular to what others do, it appears to be a great loss realizing that if even once if life betrayed you, disrespected you, and disregarded you, one his highly likely to lose it for a lifetime.
  • Trapped with the word of past, absurdity hitting like floodwater on the river gates, and absolutely no sense of pride in confessing about the one we embraced, still no charm seems to pick you up airlift you up from the calamity you invited for yourself.
  • They are thoughts, mere thoughts, changing with the changing time, revving with the stringent memory of bolstered incidents, and pushing for events uncalled for. What to know and what to believe, somehow there’s need to undo what can be.
  • Slip past the present, for once, just once, and sneak into the gold chest of untreasured memories. Look, embrace and accept whatever the things are, whatever the need be, and whatever the sense it makes. Stand tall and smile to the notoriety of beliefs that held you back or adamantly pushed you ahead. You would have been where you are, had that twisted for some other color.
  • Now, that you are there, spend a designated time chatting, murmuring words you said, reminiscing what was told to you, and soon, you will be finding yourself acceptable to whatever it was. Shall you now change whatever happened? Even if you could, you won’t be allowed. So, what the need be to hurt yourself thinking about that you should?
  • But, one thing is rightfully assured, you change whatever it is to come ahead in the future. Now that you have made party with the time, it is time come back and promise to never look back, yet take every learning that made you know what’s in there and what’s out there. Accept that there’s no other grey dimension between living and dying.

Dear Diary, please undo the worst, fix what is fixable, and embrace a beautiful reality.

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