Life Changing

All of what I know, I was scared to ride a motorbike. I mean, how would they do it; managing the gears, the brakes, and the acceleration, all, simultaneously, consistently. One silly mistake, and you’re out, like out of life, maybe!

I don’t say, I’ve become a rally racer or something, but here I’m. Driving, and reaching places.

Without sounding absurd, and truly little off the rules set my admirable world (wink!), this free three-dimensional space in the world gave us everything we would ever need. All due thanks to our great forefathers that we will just pull the vehicle of the past to the points where our needle sticks. But what my friend, is your goal?

Staring at the silent moon in a rather noisy atmosphere made me think about my abstractions as to how much can I give myself a failure, my certain introspection dawn upon me with glistening light over broken glass in my hand. How much thought deficient can I be? Without abstractions, one could say, how low will stoop, and for what?

Clearly, the ones who reached or are hopeful they’ll reach are confident that once they reach, they’ll be contented. Enough will ever be in their pockets that whatever they give, it’ll always be minuscule with what they earned. And that’s beautiful; having ample and letting them know that you have it, and yes, maybe doing some good service. But hey! Where do they get all that? Certainly not the pleasant of the ways!

Escaping from oneself, then the environment, and entering into realms new and positive, owes an explanation as to what inspires change. Dance all noon, and what, rest?! Rest! Till when? Until another noon comes, summery as hell, and drift away all that you had; the dreams of pleasant drizzles singing beautifully on windows you saw the light from!

Careful! I’m not slinging thoughts as if a burst of raw, abstract notions trying to make sense. Can’t promise if they do to me, it can to you! No need there to ring back thinking what chain of actions led to conclusions like these. I’m out here as a commoner willing to commit mistakes, break promises, under weigh in lessons and follow hollowness. I’ve caught up enough absurdity to litter my eyes, enough noise to burst out my ears and the same jingle follows with my other senses.

Do I say enough is enough? I do. For how long? Few minutes! Yes, that’s for sure. Planning and getting on the track, setting things, playing it all just right, and in a tiny little more of time, well, Everything’s lost. You say, why? I say, I guess that’s just the way it is. Or maybe not?

So, what’s life-changing? Remember that motorbike example. I see everyone out there, slinging guns, making up skins, seeing the beautiful sky, engraving letters for times to see and I admire that world. The world, I’m so close to yet the doors closed. And now, as it’s out in open, I send my message to the world inside there, when I’ll come you’ll see.


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