The Utmost Knowledge

English poem

It often is so a factor that one lacks something at times when it was most needed. I met life when I needed it the most. As if I have lost it, it feels important to be writing about it.


Lost. Isn’t it a fearful word? Meaning something you had, you don’t have it anymore seems a lot more drastic. A pen, book, or something with more more worth like a mobile phone, a laptop, or something seemingly priceless like a property you’ve been a discarded off or maybe a person whom you miss so much. All in all, this word means that in way or the another one doesn’t have something he had before. All that seems gone away and highly unlikely to come back again.


Most of my writings directly pointed towards life and its meaning. This one seems to pointing towards the same. In its most inappropriate contrast, I ought to bring the concept of life somehow!


Life, I am allowed to talk about it, is in it’s own conceptual timeline. Why own? Why conceptual? What is time? This post seems less to answer those impending questions. But this term, called life, seems something related to Now. I may spell it bad. Not “now”, not “life” but the very meaning of it. I may have read less about what great philosophers had to say. It may have omitted my knowledge that the world is a bit too arrogant to answer my most profound queries. Out of all that have a mere possibility of being the truth, it seems a bit to true that I’m alive and my answer is here.


I take my chance, and leave it in open air.


Now, when the world is dancing and rejoicing I dance too as if it never was my take as to why everyone is dancing. My past is cleared is of all the density which danced on the reality that it all matters. Whether it matters what is it that I say matters at all, but I have no queries questioning the very being of it. Well, it must not be argued. If you want to, be free to!


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