In my world, I mean to say there are some things I need to say,

There’s no pain, isn’t there any memory washed away in merciless rain.

Gushing down pour by pour, in my miraculous life I believe,

Is the blessing of the almighty, with a light brightening all my days.


In my world, oh, far beyond these places I’ve to look,

Sometimes shying away from what’s mine, sometimes giving it all away.

What is left behind and what is there for me to take,

Surprise it all just seems, sensing it all is just a life away.


In my world, I’m not clear enough, clarifying I’m not worthy enough,

Clearly those around me has much to say, much to do and much to be.

My silence has no answer to whatever the question is, nor has my voice,

Although there is no hope lost just now, maybe it’s pending some miss some day.


In my world, exiting through my windows are words that make sense,

Not so petty that I would count each penny lost to times I’ve lost myself,

Since all that is gone is left to talk about, I may have lost a fortune,

All that was here, all that is never to come, makes up who I am.


In my world, I understand none, and in seconds my work shatters,

Silently, painlessly as I look and write it all out, I sense emptiness.

Should it be evident or be known to those who appreciate?

Oh, I think I know, there are millions like me who just be whatever they are.


In my world, in these moments of truth, let there be no pause,

To all the ways that shine for at least once when minds ignite,

For every time there be no speculation against what it be,

Those who know, just know what this is and what it will be.


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