It is about the stay, it is about the ray,

Fearless and countless, it’s way all astray.

Limitless efforts pointed the caves, deep and dark,

Burn lights beside a question delight,

Was a life that left but resides all in for me?

Dumb stunned all at once, nerves stakes like,

Are poisons drunk, all at once, dreamy lessons why?

Terms next elite but beggar’s style, ragged, bare hands,

Asks life and wants death, all at once.

The quest to survive in dreamy lessons why?

Trojan demands all flew away like mists and clouds,

All foamy touch to the spikes stuck high.

Lest a word to make a world dripped sigh,

Hear the rage, feel the age, it is near and all clear.

Why let the doors open fire and burn the desire?

Promise to flowers that smile, won’t let,

A forgotten memory stake those fragrances.

Wish that lie betrayed sound buzz over dark skies,

I hear, scared and fear, all in innocent eyes they layer.

All a world dreamt but bound in reals.


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Yetesh Sharma