Plugging With/To Life, Love, Laughter

As much as my thoughts have taking strolls in oblivious streets at odd hours,

For my people as much as can lend support for as long as they can,

As much as my being tries to trick me of my days and nights,

For anything I am and could have been, for as long as it could sustain,

The promises of being better, the lies for letting it all vanish in thin air,

The purpose of things, the banishment of my personality becoming a routine activity,

Knowing that it all makes a difference, in all the consciousness and the heart,

Knowing that it is here to make a change, in all their beliefs and my plans,

Keeping it all intact so as to let an iota of affection to dark slip away to where they belong,

Keeping it known and reminiscence to keep my path astray for as much and as long it could be,

The name of it is me, the game of it is me, the players of it is me, the time of it is me,

The wins-failures, past-present, solitariness-camaraderie, now or then – it is all me,

I have come here to clear my head, I have come here to be to me more than ever,

I don’t restrict myself to these words that have come to make more sense of me,

I am meant to be here and take a nice stroll without my consciousness hitting me back,

I don’t feel like it is obvious and will continue to be so – rather it’s all so clear already.


It was a start or should I say – a beginning to an obvious end?

Ah! No. It’s nothing. At least the world might as well stick this fact up with the largest font size on the widest wall.

Did it really? Or do you just enforce this on your own? – The Idea of the whole world conspiring just against you!

Maybe. I have the guts to say so or stupidity to believe so. I’ll say again and enforce this thought with a rather easy question –

Who might I be? It’s me or it’s just an absurd reflection of the world? Now say – The world didn’t do me, I did myself to the world.

Would you rather me or the world – The task of knowing or passing time as if it never existed or it just did, it was just moments long lost and others waiting to get lost?

Lost – Because it really is – For far too long and far too unobvious, for as thorough does the thought go, for as much us of it is obviously stupidity to not recognise,


It was really a start. It was a fine start. Good one.

Life, Love, Laughter!


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