Forget Another Day

Forget another day, the moments of the past, and the plans for the future,

Coz’ we’re not ready to let it go – all that have hurt and promised us the most.

Forget another day, the life we took so long to build and nourish,

Coz’ this is the time of remembrance – of everything that has been left behind.


Not pinpoint the time when we stood up or we lost,

Coz’ we are clueless as hell – thinking about who we all are.

Let not another day vanish the bright thought of the vague yours,

Coz’ this is where we explode – for all the burst that has been kept inside.


We have been encouraged to get lost, in smaller words, we have been duped,

Coz’ we were nothing in the first place – simple beings trying to find simpler times.

We were supposed to learn that all things happen for a reason. But it didn’t,

Coz’ they made us and made the reasons – thinking we ply just as they would ask us to.


Forget another day, how smart and stupid they all are, thinking we would believe,

Coz’ it is all that we see – people juggling powers and world-striking champagne.

We stepped right there in the moment of heat, all the times most dire,

Coz’ heat is all that we knew we’d endure – the positives of being lively.


Not another day that it would pass, thinking it could/couldn’t be our story,

Coz’ helpless we are every time – when they took a chance and we watched in vain.

They took ‘em and made them true, we didn’t even start as our pride ensued,

Coz’ we stood there watching the time go by – thinking our time would come soon.


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