The Sound of Silence

It is saddening – the faces of the ones near and dear,

It is saddening – the whole world watching and wailing on what went wrong.

Everything’s wrong and even the slightest of the dirt spewing on the roadside can prove it right,

And to do that, the need to set the pace and explore the roadsides except for the destinations we so desire to achieve.


Roadsides – Know these places born out of the sidelines of heightened hopes and destinations once scaled,

Roadsides – Where once one of us decided to take some rest and then, we made it home.

Places there might have been many, but none like the roadsides – watching the sunsets go by each day,

With each moment fading away, never promising to return back with the promises of a better tomorrow.


It’s this sound of silence – the ultimate blank space spreading thousands of moments apart from where we have been,

It’s this sound of silence – trying to search for meaning without ever the need and want to ever use one.

That’s where everything has been, dying in the blank space of every drop of hope there ever has been,

Like it or love it, hate it or even destroy it, it’s all that we ever got feeling that we got everything we ever wanted.


Knowing – it’s a bridge to what we aim to achieve, for the rest there was ever was meant to go far away,

Knowing – the silence needs to be replaced with something that fulfils the yearning of the heart,

Knowing – the meanings are not meant to be wasted if known just right and told just right,

Knowing – THIS is not nothing, THIS is SOMETHING, and silence can be replaced with……..



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Yetesh Sharma