Messages Unsent

It was all here until you were here,
The priceless being of yours spreading sunshine all across.
Now that you are gone and won’t be seen anymore,
Here are some messages from my side that were left unsent.

Message, that when you were seen in all your glory,
Staging the open house, it was as if it’s only you that matters.
Your voice filled with ample passion, yet a still silence,
Spoke enough of what a beautiful soul you are.

Message, that when you first spoke with me in all your glory,
I placed your thoughts above mine as if they were always meant to be there.
As I listened more, my mind raced but my heart sank in proportion,
Of the thought that how can one be exactly the one I think she is.

Message, that I watch you come to see your team members that you so admire,
All can I wonder if such an admiration towards everyone is possible too?
Then, it crosses my mind that if it’s about you, a beautiful world is all that can be crafted,
And within it, would be you and your sweetest admirations being passed to the oblivious world.

Message, that I was always ready to let you know, for the work that you’d give me

Would be the first one and best one to be done.
Here, I was to speak of how work defines you the best,
As it’s my firm belief that where you’d go, the best of you will follow you always.

Message, that for the last time when we interacted,
I saw you coming miles away from where I was sipping my evening coffee,
For you, it would just be a salutation to the individual with whom you once or twice interacted.
For me, there were many messages that were just left unsent,
Many thoughts that were just left unsaid,
Many things that were just left undone.

Message, that since the time that I first felt that you’re something,
To the time that made me believe that you are everything,
To this time that makes me think of losing the slightest sight of you,
I hope this doesn’t go unsent, unsaid or undone.

Yetesh Sharma