Summoned by Time, Place and Being

Later this afternoon, I was summoned by Them – time, place and being,

I knew that they knew it all – yet I showed up towards them as oblivious willing to surrender.

There, They stood tall in front of me, the ones Supreme in everything,

I was ordered to listen and listening was all I could do.


“Be not today and be not tomorrow, bound enough is these beings are in the paradise of time – for the present is not enough for them,

Be somewhere between transience and eternity – both defined by what is righteous and what you make out for yourselves.

Be stopping in between moments and watching us go by – for we would be here to enlighten and destroy what’s not,

Be flowing and transcending as if none of it matters yet all of it is all for you as it has always meant to be.


There has to be somewhere the light falls and the wide-eyed ones see hope that their’s can also be a house there,

There has to be somewhere that the yearnings take – for there is what meaning shines and houses within you.

There has to be somewhere that the call is definite, somewhere the change has elapsed and you’ll find it the same,

There you’ll be and you’ll settle – Home and yet away from Home and from there it’ll take you where you always belonged.


Let us be, the idea of us that there is and let not be any untruth, which has the power to let us diverge from ourselves,

Let us not be the ones who sleep in the light and are awake in the darkness – for there is a need for us not to be as such.

Let us connect with the ones we were – simple yet profound, with the ones we so admire to be – profound yet simple,

Let not there be any apprehension because misery there enough is, letting our ambitions lay low for as much as they could be.”


All I could was listen, learn and question,

I listened and I was filled with newness,

I was stunned because learnings followed,

Questions came up – all too personal, all too universal.


To be continued…


Yetesh Sharma