Tale of the Moon

All the moon shining clear,

All black clouds listening to his tale.

All black shines in the black stadium,

There’s a white player, his passion storms.

Millions of sounds he heard,

Millions of blessings did he poured.

Behind thunders, a mysterious guy,

His life and style unidentified.

Embedded diamonds in the forest of stark,

Those twinkling stars in uniform.

Tone of sudden pause, and stand of innocence,

His silence is all saying his words.

Where no one airs only for livening dreams,

Where stories of love get painted.

Pride of the night, and laugh of tears,

His life all for lifeless kisses.

Soldier of a kid, hand of mom,

All on a leg stand, a patient guardian.

In life in memories in every corner,

His thirst for love is ever unpretentious.

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