Round Around The Stairs

Mumble, mumble, footsteps so low,

Hard to move steps so slow.

I have my credits unnoticed,

Impressions not far realistic.


Round around the steps of stairs,

Some spoons of past dipped inside.

Saw bitter but have to taste,

What undue passion did in the old days.


A storm raged inside, that made unclear,

Prospects of life and its living.

Hard to make a decision, what next to do,

What at the end has one to see undue.


Only little murmur of the past,

Sounded high to the ears.

Hard to believe like a bad dream,

Lost and it has to come back.


Where life is without boundaries,

Without the intervention of distinction.

Hmm, living in a dream, giving up in life,

What things lead pulling down and down.

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Yetesh Sharma