May Flower: A Poem of Love

I rode till it got dark,

And then I rested on her eyes for a minute.


Calm and silent did her voice meant,

I am where I should be.

Darker it got in the midnight,

Her breath sounding cold as ice.


I brought her near, and nearer it seemed,

When we celebrated our affinity.

Darker were her liberal eyes,

Wandering in my heart, an alien spy.


I told her to stop until it gets more dark,

And so did she got, darker than the midnight.

As if all sweetness has landed upon earth,

Her valiant kiss did it all.


I heard no one else but she in her heart,

Had much else to gift this orphan soul.

Rolling down her cheeks were the stories,

From the fairy tale locked in her heart.


She hid them away, swaying she won’t speak a word,

Until she hurts herself for a listener of care.

The night’s dark was about to end,

But the tale of the dark was to begin.


She travelled in her words, to the past of the past,

And kept the future listener on his way.

There she stopped as the rain has come,

The lobes of the earth had captured water.


She kept crying till it flooded,

The listener felt dying all in vain.

Helpless her voice seemed to be,

When all of a sudden it stopped raining.


She stood up and asked for leave,

The listener felt dying all in vain.

She pulled her scarf out of a near dark,

And said a final bye.


The listener as he always will be,

Stood there looking at the darker sky.

She was gone, all in her wider misery,

All questions left unanswered to the listener.


She was gone and he won’t listen anymore,

His purpose, his life was all gone for questions unanswered.

The night was gone, the lantern was no hope anymore,

But he still waited till she turns back.


For he had nothing but to wait,

And he waited till a darker night comes.

He was there gleaming his eyes on something,

As she ordered him to shut his ears.


And she walked away from him that night,

As no darker night tonight has come.

He waited till his wish was drawn on brighter wall,

Just a darkest night was his dream.


She should come and listen to me her story,

Raining down her snowy cheeks in the darkest night.

And that night came, the sun has set deep in the dark,

She was nowhere in sight, mischievous her idea, he thought.


He looked around the air filled with the dark,

And he did saw something wailing in the midnight hour.

She was there gleaming her eyes on something,

And he listened her strolling in the dark.


She sobbed of her past, a mischievous gift of life,

Till it started raining out of her mischievous heart.

She sat down near the well,

Of mystery she shall know, he thought.


There she had a glance of the listener,

Sneaking thief of what she thought.

She ran away like a glacier snow,

Drifting away from herself if she know.


She looked back no more,

And the thief wasn’t near anymore.

“Love of what they say is what I know,

A piece of land and nothing to grow.


They in their meaningless world what shall answer,

The answers that this misery know.

“I shall wait here till the misery takes all over,

No listener in the world shall hurt me anymore.


No words shall ever touch my heart,

And no voice shall let me rain my poison heart.

She didn’t knew, the listener has come,

Drifting on the snow like she has come.


He pinched her on her shoulder,

And sat near her side owing to darkest sun.

She had her gleaming eyes on him,

Waiting to shut his eyes blinking like a sweeter dream.


And the darkest it was of the night,

The hour of midnight has come.

She kissed her listener, an arrogant guest though,

Like she had worn nothing, but the clothes of his.


She rested her cheeks on his shoulder,

And it started drizzling on the clothes of her.

He kissed back her cheeks,

And all those tears sent back to where they belong.


And he asked for nothing, but a permission,

To let him not to be her listener anymore.

She spoke nothing and sent a beautiful smile,

The darker it wasn’t in the darkest night.


The day had come, from the brighter sun,

And smelled like a flower in the flawless sky.

The dark was not they need anymore,

The day had enough to have them offer.


And they sent them kisses,

Like a rainbow after the darker rain.

They promised to live forever,

For one life destiny has to offer.

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