Everything Could Have Been

Everything Could have been here, live and true,

For there hasn’t been much of a chance,

To look around, and to know that there’s is,

Much to see, other than seeing and believing.

That there’s is just this speed yet so slow,

From standards yet untraced from hearts unraced,

Can’t much complaint, you see, breath is we get,

Similar to those who dream and make them true.

From this moving land beneath my feat, all I see,

A place from where I come and want to bring glory,

I look back and that’s all I do to compare,

What everything I’m talking about was missing.

This could have been everything, a sight to behold,

A place to go, a person to meet, a stage to act.

Isn’t it obvious, from the shrill music in my ears,

That the sail I set for today is to change it all?

No more I’m to put my undue beliefs,

Lest they enter jails with dark crawling over places,

I’m deaf, blind and mute for all beautiful that is,

Pending and waiting at the time it is needed the most.

Everything could have been this,

Everything getting done with a confident face,

Everything following the true meaning, of life,

Of things, of progress from the day that was before.

Yetesh Sharma