A wise man once told,” Try to make things simple, but not simpler “.

He was right.
In his wits, he innovated, experimented, took risks, evaluated, and gave the world what we see today in our vicinities.

His mind had the power to fly before his veins go frozen.

We don’t have the history specifically stating in what state of mind, he made such a statement.

Of course, simpler elements are easier to understand. Simpler means a wider expanse of people could infer their opinion, and voice out their ideas. Simpler simply can churn out efficiency!

But that wise man once coined this fact, so he coined. He made that point, so there should be a reason.

He could go wrong?
Possibly not this time, I presumed.

His name was Albert Einstein.

Simpler is bad.
Simpler is glorification.
Simpler is no reality.
Simpler is nothing.

Much evaluation curtain out the real implications of reality.

No reality, no life.


Yetesh Sharma