The Lantern on the Chair

I won’t talk of those who ride their wheels like a mad sheep or those willing to share their hair with all passing by. I won’t think of those who delay life like an Indian Monsoon and neither of those who sell their defense with those of Misty wits.

There, I was a little unknown, to this little new world I came to know. Even after bearing the thrust of regression with every taken breath, I had a glimpse of imagery mirrored from someone like me.

She was there gleaming her eyes on something, and the next word I remember hearing from her, “What???”. This she answered as she was measly ordered to shut the door in her vicinity by the one standing next to me. All of a sudden she had me glaring like those similar gleaming eyes pointing for her necromancy on me.

It was a second’s show and I believed nothing has happened and nothing was already destined to be. For all those in my second opinion, the people have their ideas diffused with just a sight, I was desperately failing to find a place. All I was left in again was the darkness.
And so in the sleepy afternoon, I found myself braving my face against the bright tube light trying to borrow a sleep. In the bitter darkness, I saw her elegance on the throne of my wisdom and I had nothing else to believe with my heart throbbing like a wildfire. For all those eventual dreams perpetuating out of nowhere, I had no gatekeepers and the floods had already touched the danger mark within seconds.

We had the ones that people use to do. We had those that people use to have. We shared those that people use to share. All these when they talk, walk and see in each other’s eyes. But I had nothing but a boring dream awaiting permission. It wasn’t shattering but wasn’t even raising and so I decided not to shred decency.

So, I was the same guy, with the brittle soul which is sold in easy markets for easy money. The one that those people had already sold to their lenders and me awaiting permission and admission in any of those queues.

But I still congratulate that Lantern lightening on the chair spreading hope for all those in need and inviting those worthy of her light. And still, I ponder upon myself for being the most hopeful and effulgent at a time when it wasn’t needed. So, I was drawn out of darkness preceding the brilliance of a beauty underestimated by people of no virtue and eventually no life. I still regret and out of no use I find time to fill my mind with her memories!

Yetesh Sharma