Keep Singing

Keep Singing,
Because the morning is near.
And in this sadness,
There is a rhythm.

At least be some help to somebody.”

This is a translation from a Hindi song (/ref. Gayee Jaa from Brothers (2015)).

The sole motive of the lyrics stands at letting a human strive, to be brave and strong until it’s not the benign end. The end seems to be nothing but hollowness itself.

Every single word of the lyric is a portrayal of how virtually impotent this world is.
But there shall be sunshine at some point in life.

The assumption is good.

It generates hope.
It sets you free from the prison.
It gives a bit of reason to smile.

Even there’s so much of gloom, sorrows, and suffering in this world, we turn away our faces towards the dark pretending as nothing happened.

Yes, we don’t have to be Messiah.
No one ought to be, but the brave and the leader.

A lot of time had already passed on earth.
Much of the people are already lost in the mazes of their brains.
Don’t try to create clones of those morons, definitely scientifically.

Keep the spirits high.

Fear keeps you in prison. Hope sets you free. ”

Keep singing.
The sunshine is right on the way!

Yetesh Sharma