May I Not Know?

“I have learned loving less-loved not with lusty eyes but with a flawless feeling strong enough to make ’em forget the brutal world.
You may call me a lady who knows not satan.
but still, still darling!
May I please present you with an image of Jesus.”

May I not know every damn thing you suffered from?
May I not know that partnerless prom?
May I not hear every damn nightmare that disturbed you?
May I not get into the circumstances that you have been through?
May I not ask of your harsh past?
May I not know that joys never last?
May I not know your tough life?
May I not ask for the incident of that sharp knife?
May I not know the manipulated kid within you?
May I not know “feeling blue”?
May I not be introduced to the thorns that pierced your soul?
May I not know the heart having a hole?
May I not know the moments that you survived?
May I not know the failure of the opportunities you tried?
Cause darling, in my life, I have only seen blooming flowers and not gloomy faces.
I have always been judged on impartial basis.
I have seen wide arms and not weird losses.
I have embraced the bed full of roses.
I have seen, felt and lived something beyond love.
With my words, I have touched the beauty of a dove.
I have seen the gates of happiness open welcoming me and not the bars closed shut hiding the pain.
Yes, I know not a business but I know that life is a gain.
I have seen birds flying high, higher and even highest,
I have been taught the meaning of the brightest.
Author: Anmolpreet