Levels Low

In the library of my sins, for years,

That passed one after the other.

Magics in the air that stormed,

The peace of heart and power of action.


May not stand in to have for long,

Pride that even touched the toughest tides.

Disheartened may be a promise, you know,

Things that urge to get concluded.


Levels may be low and a pace so slow,

That even a second a million years,

To live to breathe against the wall,

Of fallen steps and fallen reach.


That may happen with a chance,

Feels like fortune so cunning.

That levels low are best to live,

Even nothing goes beyond the vision.


Even I know, a surprise so known,

Time may change, it ought to be.

That the challenge to achieve is not more,

Even next step could be a world to see!

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Yetesh Sharma