Conquering Continuity

Well stand tough on feet,

Heart sings the melody, mind melancholy.

In crowd messed people your possession,

Lie every corner soul disguise.

Hands note the lines of memory,

Eyes that meets at no ends.

At fires set rings of circus,

Laugh as smile bare disasters.

Onto where paddled the mountains,

With a swift shift of life and death.

Set aside under shadows of the forest,

All lying hiding beyond ending mystery.

Apace stark appear tow halves of the world,

One me, broken, other lift with pride.

And core near to my heart, red on fire,

Split a fell on pieces mild and cold apart.

Where west sets the sun, fell asleep,

Upon the shore of destiny, to capability,

Lies every continuity, upon eyes, faces,

Deceptive and deprived of capability.

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