Knowing, The Beauty

If this time is for me, knowing you are there, will you listen?

Knowing that you may fly away if I said anything in haste,

Anything that be out of my nature’s blue can surprise you,

For each day cannot pass if you be the star and I be your spectator.


Calling you with all the stillness of my endless yearn for you,

Reaching out for something in you that you may not think you have,

Scribbling all the words I could with all the powers I seemed to have lost,

Meeting you with all the peace you have brought with yourself,

Everything about you should I know, I feel,

Knowing that you will but have something you think you should have known before.


Me? I am, if I know myself to the levels that be the truest to you,

A belief that from one day onwards, I shall be, living it all of what I promised myself,

I stand before you, knowing that with one single glance you can take or give me my life back,

And much magic in you can easily see the me that wants you and you, I don’t know, what can do.


That life, where the music in the dark is the lullaby of the lost pains,

I am no more a believer that something in this world couldn’t be magical than you,

And you are there, really the God’s own bearer in all its pureness,

And I stand behind you seeing it all and being the believer once again.


From what I mean through all of this, the gist really is all here,

Knowing that a dream and a magic can be a girl like you,

Believing that all of you is really true, making me a reality if I be,

A little more above the sighting of my limited heart that I could come to realise,

You, wherever you are right now in all of yourself as usual as you have always been,

Can be just the speck of what you’ve known and what I seem to see,

And yet everything of you is still away and it’s all hard for me to say what I need to say,

You, are everything I may believe in, you are everything for the everlasting world you are in.


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Yetesh Sharma