Everything, Everywhere

A known friend of mine once asked me if I knew what was the most important thing to do in life.

I couldn’t answer his immediate query and I think no one can; in one speck of time. And then he just turned his back upon me saying nothing. I realized there was something suspicious, so I followed him. It wasn’t much of a night where he sat on a bench in a park where his back could fit perfectly and starting looking around the wild evening after a little often day. As far I could see, he was just sitting and mumbling nothing in his mouth as a common stressed out individual would do. I had accompanied him to this location before but this time I had a little question in my mind, Why?

The day faded black and I decided to come back home… I knew nothing about what to be done. As of now, he might have reached his place, but what will he do even he’s back. If the mind is a puzzle, Who has the solution of a kind? Days came by like God has given endless breath to keep doing what we want to and to keep going where we want to. He was normal for days to come. Like nothing ever has ever happened, but I must say, he did change a bit but for the better! I don’t know what really did happen, or what was about to happen, the story is still in no one’s hands. I can’t say this is the best story I can convey but I say it’s about Everything, Everywhere. And I believe that too, only if we can sense it suspicious, it is suspicious.

I couldn’t question him, nor he would answer. No one sees him, he thought. So, let him believe this fiction. But let not him wait for something he’s to get in times, no one gets what they wait for. I, in my silence, tried answering his query.
‘You’ are the answer.

A little more simplified, ‘EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE’.


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