Whisper through my lips leaves untouched,

A matter of question and verbal flair through lightening.

Where all had their names punched, I had too and too with grace,

Because in commons I had my breath overstepped.


Never in the deepest falls had lost the streak,

Through flowers smiling in all the deeds, refreshing in springs,

Stand in the storm, quenched thirst, never had a last of chance.

Boxes of childhood now lay apart from present, they overlay life,


I cant find them in the homes of past and future.

True every touch I pinch, single dream that fallen,

Unaware what next deed could be, I cant bear.


Gardens of flowers had the same time those unwatered since late,

Spoiling little leaves and at last to move with destiny and say,

Yet there was a time I had, that set visions apart the commons,

In the commons so breath that impossible stares its status, was this life?

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Yetesh Sharma