Beautiful On The Paper, Beautiful Otherwise

Woke up and found the same baggage I’ve been carrying since that fateful day of the last decade. Once upon a time, I just had it all. Somewhere, in the passing present, I lost it all.


The Emptiness


Efforts, or no-efforts, it seems all are in vain. The nature in its own course is the master. Whether you choose to get up and hustle, or you wish not to lose the night’s warmth of the blanket for the adverse cold it is outside, the day will pass as it ever did since that last decade. Numbers are low, there’s sleep in the eyes, expectation have hurt, and failure just right around the corner, so what would I do or not do? All of it accounts for The Emptiness.




What shivers the conscience more is yearn to be better than the peers. Yes, the comparison have seeped in. The time has gifted this nuisance too. Of all the people, living in the endless space and time, some few have stood congruently with me too. The qualities they possess, the moments they have spent, and the probable future they’re going to see worries me. In comparison, I find my colour fading.


Well, This Is The Moment


Oh! Now, I’ve understood the jewel of a concept; the one who hustles, takes it all. The ones who are smart enough to firmly see things and speak the right words at the right time, win. Winning is all that is to make life sensible. An evening where the one is welcomed with gifts and praises is wrathful, not an evening with lonely walks in the hideous of the places only to welcome an another lousy day. This moment, I see it all, making sense.




Hide because you failed. Because they asked, and you didn’t know the answer. Because you weren’t the right person at the right time at the right place. Because you just didn’t do. And now, if you valiantly surrender, no one’s watching you getting to your knees, and it won’t matter at all, the defeat. It should have been more pathetic, more vilifying and of course, terrific! Whatever, just hide!


The Normalcy


It’s good, the stupidity. It’s normal, forgetting things. It’s okay, losing one after the other. It’s believable, the failed future. This normalcy is not new, it’s been there since times. Is there a market for such thoughts, or such a format? I don’t care. It’s normal.


Beautiful Otherwise


Nothing’s wrong in anything. Typing it all out in sunshine, and sweating no brow, not shying away from anything at all, just to put it all at a right place.


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Yetesh Sharma