Rules and Regulations, a Consequential Issue of India

The Flaws

India is a country where there are innumerable rules and regulations to keep matters in order and each of them has a lot of flaws concerning the status of the people. Now the rule is just a formality nothing else. Only a few people come under the rule and regulation of those who belong to the lower strata of society. There are so many instances regarding rules and regulations where people don’t get punished according to their crime, like most of the celebrities commit severe crimes but they are not charged appropriately. This is the real illustration about the justice and law system in India.

The “System”

Our administration and existing government always make a strong statement regarding the justice and law of India. Inasmuch as if we look at the data about the Indian Judiciary, we find most of the lawyers and judges are a product of their ancestors coming from the similar profession. Few people know about the rule and regulation of the judiciary of India while the rest of the society doesn’t have adequate knowledge about it. If there are only a few families of the country allegedly influencing the Indian judiciary system, then how could it be possible that the system is working transparently? In fact, it is actually only a few people who have the privilege to take advantage of the field of law and justice at the apex level. In India, there are two faces of the system one is politics and another is the judiciary. While both are considered as an independent body at the outer surface while in the inner surface both have a very strong relationship. It is the big dichotomy amongst the intellectual society of India. However, one has a very strong legacy where all relatives took the paramount position, which is the judiciary. No one cares about the strong legacy of the Indian Judiciary. Perhaps this is one of the conspicuous aspects of the judicial community of India where people have a lot of anticipation in order to receive justice. Even though the reality is entirely different. Whole propaganda is created by the husband and wife to save their position. Neither husband interferes to destroy the space of the wife nor wife interfere to destroy the space of the husband. Somehow they are demonstrating themselves as fine and fair institutions.

The Poor and the Rich

Prosperity is one of the big matters for justice and at present only a few people are in prison from the prosperous and powerful family while the rest of the prosperous people escape with the help of the government. Notwithstanding law and justice, rule and regulation clearly visible on the lower strata of the society where people don’t have adequate knowledge and approach. They are fully dependent on their lawyers and most of the are easily exploited by them. Poor people have always been exploited by lawyers during the colonial period and still continues to be so. Rules are just ridiculous ways at present for the powerful person while for poor it acts like Lakshaman Rekha (strict line).

The Presence of Judiciary

Chief justice made history on Babri case while other important cases that give the good masses among the society are not very valuable in front of the chief of the apex court. Due to COVID-19 migrant laborers faced grave problems and there is no proper procedure to just take them back home. The government as well as the judiciary created problems and didn’t provide proper remedies. It is one of the massive social disasters which is affecting the ordinary people of India. People are getting a lot of stress with their particular case. While the court always makes an excuse regarding number judge and court. It is also a mockery of the management of the judicial system in India. All though most of the graduate law students are wandering here and there for a job and our apex court make a very irrational and ridiculous statement regarding the scarcity of judges in the courts. However, they have the power to increase the number of judges in District Court, High Court as well as in apex court. This is one of the most questionable aspect pertaining the judicial system in India. The young generation doesn’t want to talk any more just because of the fear and severe unemployment somehow few students willing to speak against the government or judicial system abruptly they are facing a conspiracy in any way like anti-national, terrorist, and so on. These are the fact which happened in India’s most influential university (Jawahar Lal Nehru, University).

Rules and regulations may way for a strong and enlightened society on matters that concerns them the most. Therefore, the government, as well as the judiciary must take strict decisions regarding the present condition and remove the flaws of the system.