Mere Dreams

Be a night full of worthiest dreams,

But cold and full of thunders.

To live like a dream never ends,

And feel like life and show never ends.

Scales fall one after the other,

Regret upon how to say those words,

And pray, what prime shall display,

One cruel act of dismay.

At the very end of special lines,

What my thoughts can obey.

Known with one touch of life,

That changed lifts and drifts of surprise.

Wish a quit but what to inhale,

At wins, on tops, who will stand.

Less demise promise of love,

Who will stand at the hardest of show?

Whirl and swirl around crisps and turns,

High aside one dreamt and lived.

Whose scales never galled,

Only a honey dipped in worthiest of stark.

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Walker Stone


Yetesh Sharma