How Music, Painting, and Poetry Mattered More During Covid-19

We were locked in our homes and our busy schedules came to a pause. You are also one of them who have spent hours reading and writing something interesting and must have bound yourself with the poetic words, new music or any interesting painting you just happen to stumble upon. Music has made its way from ages and at this time a little more freedom people have gained to listen to the audios they loved and even have discovered more. The paint bottle that had not been opened for years, the abandoned guitar of yours or maybe your favourite school time literature book saw the light of the day.

Listening and playing music helped people getting bored to death

We cannot live all alone without connecting to anyone. Loneliness is just an emotional trigger that hurts the human heart and makes one ill. Even if a human has come to forced isolation, people have made their ways to connect with people and grab the opportunity to socialize for some time and give the empathy that everything will be normal and alright. This is how music has come in between and we all have sung along with this phenomenon.

The horror of the pandemic has globally affected everyone. The song that hits every Indian mind “Muskurayega India” is a multi-artist song. Penned by Kaushal Kishore, the beautiful lyrics spreads the message that everything will be back to normal again. This has been seen worldwide that in every country people have united in their way. By coming to their balconies and singing along. Even the well-known artists had performed live concerts from their home no one could feel alone and lonely in this great terrific pandemic.

This is how music has come into life to teach us the word united and how it heals the hearts of everyone. A healthy source that is served for everyone and has no cost to be shared. As truly said,” the world’s most beautiful things are not seen by eyes but can only be felt.” It has been seen from several viral videos on social media how people came out to the rooftops and balconies of their homes and sang in unison. This made a happy figure amongst all of us. Music is the key to enjoyment and a portion of very healthy food for our mind and soul.

Poetry inspired people to calm down and reflect on life.

Whenever there is suffering especially when we all personally go through it, literature has always come for the rescue. This horrible situation and never-ending hopes of getting rid of this pandemic have made people give them time for themselves and made them realize that one should not think or take life for granted. Everything has its worth and is special.

In the poetical form, one has chased the story written in the poetical method and taught us, how animals have got down to empty roads and enjoyed their freedom palette. A sweet song of birds and how the environment our mother earth healed from the pollution we humans caused. Poetry also bonded humans from different corners of the world although we are all far apart. Poetry has made a remarkable expression on our minds. Thus we are scummed to read and write poems. Poetry has inspired each one of us with the majestic words from this isolation we have come to be better humans.

Painting influenced our minds to play with different colours.

Life is so colourful and so are our emotions. Every painter and artist has a great visual image on the sheet with thousands of tales being depicted. It is so deep for normal people to think about the stories that visually represent so much special and influencing. Many of the artists have shared their tales of how they have stuck to their artboard in this period of curfew. They have described their ideas about it and what they all have done in this period. Vrindavan Solanki, a renowned painter visualized his one artwork on corona as an animal who has debugged humans.

Paintings are revealing for ages. Art is all ambiguous yet stunning. Even the new rising students who have a keen passion for drawing and painting but were stuck with the different subjects of their course worked for the paintings in a creative sense and have managed to turn out something of their own. Many social media sites have kept competitions of the artwork not only for the handmade paintings but also for the digital paintings and illustrations. The creativity is unbeatable from every shade of the stars it comes from.

Learning never ends. “Never assume you can’t do anything. Push yourself to redefine the boundaries.” well explained by Brian Chesky.

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Author: Jaspriya