Gaze For A Little Second

One may wonder how life may end,
How rests upon the flowers of the divine.
Not for death of daily delays,
For living life and living legends.

Peace at last from the thunderous world,
Put your arms and lay on enliven dreams.
So easy to protect harm, even single cut,
Not so easy to overcome big wounds, big delays.

Gaze for a little second, fingers so soft to feel,
Every feather of time, every lesson.
For the conquered world, choices hold,
Whether choose a second or life pleasant.

Sweet whispers with silent words,
Calmly set upon the grave whom I defy.
Whom I deny own to feel the fear,
Clear and destined for a breathed second.

Setting up lessons of soft desires,
Full of a quest for an unwanted world.
Living up words of life into the world of winds,
So swift, so clear towards an unending loss.


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Yetesh Sharma