Fade Away

Why believe if to fade away,

Like sunset in the lap of dull sky.

Greatness have patience, a word,

So far, that even may not step there.


Put a hand on your heart, think,

What could be the next of all?

One that wishes or one that does,

With a little order of time.


Next second could be the change,

That never in life one thought of.

On the bed of roses, one slept for a time,

I did believe in what one has for time.


Great are those who think they do,

What repeat may make a difference?

Hard to narrate to the time who make,

Mere choice how to make dreams great.


All have the right to express clear space,

In loss of what has ever a dream of?

Yet there sigh a question, that makes,

Mere life big choice to live or die.

A Man in the Night

Sings in the Darkness

Yetesh Sharma