Back To Basics

I’ve left all my preoccupations,

And I’m back down here, willingly.

For all of the day that the vacancy of thoughts be replaced,

Sit down where you once sat, just back to basics.

As the night is taking off, all the days that have slaughtered,

What is there to laud if nothing achieved but misery conceived?

A little twitch back to the murders of soul that’s been done,

For few of my words have little power to hit back.

I didn’t want to be like them, which everything made me like me,

Every true sense hitting the walls, with pleasure have it been accepted.

Corrupted in the real world it is, my bravery, my steps,

For nothing I know actually means something.

Back, back, clear all the paths again,

Little of what might make this evening new.

Nothing there is on the other side of the day,

Just will do the same wrath I did to myself today.

I’m not going to hide, a few of a lesson brew,

I, too much of I, nothing it ever was, it will be.

Yetesh Sharma

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