A Beauty on the Sidewalk

Innocent but yet wild in answers. All the world is yet to praise this little soul hiding her spectacle onto her left. This, as it seems, isn’t a dream and isn’t yet to hold praise of holding one. All of the darkness has already faded which in the unexpected maneuvers have taken turns to inspire!

Let’s begin!

In the world of charms, outside my heart, I still don’t feel the breath seizing out the need of me. Every other day becomes a question with changing meanings. Who does pays heed to needless motivations, after all? In today’s mean world, who wants to remember the information that hurts?

My adventure with beauty begins at home. I aspire to inspire my wants to walk up. When the ultimate magic happens, I retreat to good technology that hurts my eyes and ultimately my brain cells. And the war goes on until I push the bed with my back with no more stuttering fingers. What I mean ‘beauty’ here is the usual life; a forgetful life.

The burning light over the other end of shore plunders every hope of survival unless it doesn’t respond. So, practically it keeps a watch on us but it just keeps on staring. That light is what we need to have an answer to. This calls to find the meaning of another beauty.

As I reiterate, ” Innocent it is, yet wild in answers”. I see her yawning towards my side in wilderness, towing her legs a little more titled and face looking for a hideout from the outside world. And I sit calm reading the story with own lenses. Unsaid is a glimpse of another time ahead, but I hear our words in perfect sync. I don’t answer and she forgets to question that’s what keeps the distance going. While I fail to admit what her guardians are up to? Or what if it’s just a blunder? Am I just playing foul?

Let’s take the shot. I have no one else to share this word. I knew down and put a constant stare. She suddenly puts her wide eyes shut. It was calm as only I hear her hair crawling down in the air for freedom.

And then, I just stop. And do what I need to do. No bad intentions at all!

Yetesh Sharma