The Dark Apart

There is a day in this night,

Under the blanket, behind your thought.

Placed forth your vision,

And see! It is around your path.

The soundless in the soul,

How embarrassing the dark is!

See! That’s looking that porch,

Divine, untouched, real of course.

Its emerald is truly worthy,

Its sound surrounds the green,

Like stubborn emblems over the sky,

That wishes land and mist over the mass!

Upon the place held high,

The vast rested soy is to work,

Not so far but far so good,

There’s nothing yet lost in woods.

Surprised imprisonment of your expression,

Invite your scorching peace,

Withered, wooed, washed,

Thrown, thanks to thy eyes on tour.

House arrest so long,

Resting to listen those footsteps,

Those beating high and high close,

Betrayed and lost in dunes.

The Dark Apart sent among all,

The peak seems rather close.

The secret of soul I disclose,

And I, I the one breathing in all!

Not so far and far so good,

There’s nothing yet lost in wood!

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Yetesh Sharma