So Stepped

So stepped in a way lonely as it lay,
Melody in the sound melancholy as it prays.
A truth on evidence as life says,
Today I have a million words to say.

Not in the air nor in flowing waters,
That the ice ever downed so swift.
Near to the skies, it falls high above,
Not all the oceans that it dismays.

A cube so punctual that melts with heat,
So stepped in shining blue waters.
Fears from the flame and pricking nail,
Flowing through the floats of icy flames.

An axiom that names those cube that drains,
With pressures of the sunny flame.
Brave like the swords worn with blood,
Have no way have no stay for a lifeless pray.

Those waters again flews away wit winds,
Up above the clouds through its way.
Those give life to humans as it rains,
And gives death to itself when burnt in flames.


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Yetesh Sharma