Hump! Slow down dear life,

Time is awaiting, go have a talk.

Presents are lovely walking around,

Or come have some fun of free verse!


Gosh! Aren’t you bored with tortures,

That every time everywhere you receive?

Haven’t you shared with your friend,

Who is the almighty?


Your modesty have a word at last!

Your dearest has stolen your visions!

Why do late every time you come,

This innocence has become unbearable, dear life.


With grief and no tears,

Some excitement is awaiting,

That will also par your presence.

Numb these hands, moisten eyes,

Didn’t mean anything to you.


Ah! That’s not your fault at all,

I should be more active in my words.

That shall reach people,

And shall mobilize millions for their sake.


So, I stand reluctant to your response,

Whatever you do, will not be a surprise.

But will inspire and sharp my skill,

Sure! It will be more than that!

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