Just Saying, Not Complaining

Just a word to say, Complaint! I saw my older posts this time and was surprised to remark its Me only, who have composed those words.

A shift in Time

A little time had changed, and I have got a little mature to know about some privileged rights of my own, to be counted can be a word to speak and express myself. I am speaking a little of my experience just to extend the view of dramatic shows enacted by various people around just like puppets on the stage. Except for such panoramas, there are memories, I don’t want to discuss them right now.

About Complaining, it is the work of the weaker, that’s what I use to say and believe in my earlier years. The theory is still the same but there is little change in the privileges given to everyone in the mature, whether they get acknowledged about them or not. Complaining is a tradition followed by the minority and the weaker section of human ability. He wants to make his words clearly listened and let them be the way he wants, thus creating mess and undue chaos in the perpetual discussions of human psychology.

Present State

I know it seems a little bit late to understand what I am trying to say, but in simple words, I can say that Complaining makes a Man weaker than what he could do by creating such a way that could possibly or probably make a clear sense out of the chaos rather than begging for changes in front of the people who came from Sand Times i.e people of the minor complexion of executive powers.

Since the words seem much much much stronger to reach the weaker but all that comes out is nothing.
And what I complained right now is my weakness that I want them to think about why to create such options which make you rather isolated from your destination. Just a word for complaint but a big debate in me to present it to you. Yes, I complain, through the core of my heart, to begin some fragrance through beautiful flowers thrown in the mud so far unaware of what has been done to them so far than discarded.

But isn’t it a complaint?

It’s my weaker heart saying these lines along a stronger heart to change the world so far and to transit anyone’s opinion within a split of some drastic words and some unpredictable lessons. I say come and let see how aggression can you show before the eve of my heart can bow to you and your unfair destiny.
Not too far is the day, I will be with real actions rather than having some texts poured out of the messy indications of the destiny and fate though this mind owes some undefined legends, through little only can I say.

Unknowingly can I predict a change, through me to others in my way, not complaining just saying, that something needs a bath, through showers of intelligence and real deeds?

I wait for that time…

Yetesh Sharma