Advise carol hatchback,

Life endangered in prison.

Caught uncertain am I,

Left no corners for scope,

Outside the world.

I hear the sound of the voice,

Of Kurt adorned with laugh.

Tears weep for protest,

For inside have I last longing,

Throat still soot.

For my love, I please pain,

As yet she didn’t turn to me.

Not less than a gift was she,

When got my eyes witnessed truth.

The fold seems clear.

Could score for wait again,

But limits stay in my heart.

Leave alone this amateur player,

Try trick the truth, if you can!

Curtains do fluctuate.

Inside is prow realizing its mistake,

And thumping its memory jive.

To whom millions have disappeared,

Raging alive its obsession in the sunshine.

Fear and fury surround.

Upside belongs to the king, and,

The downside for the soldiers.

Upside down this wonder is,

When interred with their sand.

At last, heart speaks.

Dipping life with golden spoons of love,

Tasting ponds with lively spirits.

Nowhere, at last, the life other,

Later past have yet breath in heart!

In you, For you always!

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