Out Of Line

Ought to touch the ends of ends,

Sledge the hard of coarse sand.

Ply above the results to realize,

Lift but own to dream big and let others.

Free of limits anywhere here around,

May same the time the levels won’t.

Wish to think good and choose right,

Like hard stone to face the flow.

Give points that grip the skies,

That clenches the waters fall.

Some memorials hold together,

And let not just go far far away.

Out of line to pledge the words,

To put things into the lines.

To growl over whom to defy,

With powers that form the majority in life.

West winds never wear sweaters,

Sun never tastes darkness.

With words weird to appear remarks,

To hear the best and simple for all, that’s life!

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Hear Thee Speak

So Stepped

Yetesh Sharma