Moonlight Dance

A time uncalled for,

Trying desparately to shine.

Without know-how, without my hand,

In its place it just shined,

And I kept my eyes closed.


Come, see how I do,

A thing called living without living.

Beware, you might fall in love,

Of life giving breath to people who live,

With love endless like chain of passing days.


A belief so brief, standing blunt,

Knowing not it’s meaning but need.

Sitting on the corner of every failure,

Being the life of the ones who lost life,

With indefinite failures in its beautiful kitty.


A life less left for sobers,

Unaware what’s there if not hurt.

All of which is unscripted in an unlawful night,

In a place where no lessons make sense,

No lines find ground to prove innocence.


You, write and be drunk with poverty of thoughts,

One last leg yet to be broken by those who died.

Life, pitiful it always was, wasn’t supposed to be,

Before they fixated nets to catch nuts,

And you did was getting caught and be blessed.


Look, that’s the unseen above your notch,

In finite dreams do I pledge my money.

People who sensed presence of others,

And listened to the beats coming from others,

Blessed they have been, enchanting!


It’s all coming, likewise it would say,

To whom if I may know, me or myself.

For how long and for what if the stairs not taken,

If not the greatness curated for yours,

Walking, talking, trembling when time comes.


I step out to see the bright night,

From the darkness of the shadows of my body.

A night where I lift my hands up,

A mind shrugging off dust of the past,

Taking good bath in the moonlight for a dance.


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