Little Unfair

A long long time ago, in the winning world, a dreamer stepped out of the pond filled with happiness spilling the lores on the floor just like that. He had one thing to come out of, and to make the people believe that ‘it’ really exists!

Smilingly​ he kept on going, the ashes made his feet burn, the sun kept tearing his head down and his heart sinking in the dust. Still, he went on, to fill the list of his own; to find another happiness in town. His model of action had no failure, unknowingly he remained stiff against the world. Not doing out of someone’s saying or someone’s order but to fulfill his own self and to never question why did he actually step out…
One may say he’s the man, he may find something one day. One may say he’s a hard man to get, he’s out of reach.
One may even affront to his mediocrity.

At least one should have stood in the front on his, asking what’s he up to? One must have been surprised to realize what makes such a commitment go further than life, isn’t it?

Lots of words in the play, and his journey now stands still on the pavement of a known. He doesn’t hesitate to relate affinity in souls. He doesn’t fail to openly confess. Now what he begs on to know the other side of the story, to know what stands behind the door; what makes up curiosity take the breath out. It seems like it may set him free if he realizes. Chemically, the other world shall be answering.

In the darker walks of life, when he shouts for where he came from, what journey he is on, and now where he paused to. Of the people who play, the lives of themselves as well as the others, what shall put an end to these everlasting strong moron beings? They have adequately learned to adapt to the situation.

He leaves a mark on the dying sun in an unfairer dusk playing games to end towards an everlasting tunnel of darkness. It shall be suffocating it seems, he thinks but no wonder if anyone won’t ever ask where did he go.

What was his story

It seems a little unfair!

Yetesh Sharma