I See Life in You!

Today when I stand and see, my life,

Things feel missing down the heart.

Some actions are in my mind,

And you fall nowhere in these sentences.

When the eyes were close, and you,

Near to me, I saw flowers and you with me.

The last I met my life when I saw,

The most beautiful smile ever in you.

Everytime I have some special words,

Only for you, when you are close.

And life near to me, beside your laugh,

Apart from your presence and absence.

Those days I started, you were there,

At my heart, in my vision.

Besides finding a reason, for you,

That poured little drops of passion in me.

Maybe you know, maybe you not,

But my simplicity today have,

Something special for you, I see,

Life in you, dream in you, reality in you.

Yetesh Sharma