The quote is here to narrate, in the bleak silence nosediving straight to conclusions; Failure.

You know you are out when you are out and out is where you don’t know you will spend your unwise time under what unknown dream. Days may not mean date and on watch will the clicks make circles, but you won’t wait in the driest summers nor in wayward dance of sudden life. Struggle is where you’ll be pained knowing pain is an easy sleep. Encircling around some people will your expectations be, knowing stuff like this won’t make a difference. And suddenly, you won’t know and you’ll be there, simplifying philosophy, defining laggards, engineering arguments and defying identities. And suddenly, you will realise something you shouldn’t have, something you should definitely have stayed away from, something which cracks and makes noise, something that crawls and gets nipped, something like a fool’s day out.

Yes, you are. Helping meager energies drive you crazy, pea-sized heads showing you your breath, ambition showing you eyes, carelessness showing you your feet and missionless discussions clipping your precious words on the hangwall. Yes, it’s time to go back. Be nothing. Care nothing. Sleep. Peace. Prize. Dream.

Call, and call to the cause that lifts you, laces you up from dents, make you shine when painted with success. Say hello, and hello to what you don’t dream but see in reality, those people coming up for you with glitter in their eyes, proud in their hearts and gratitude towards what you did for them, something that elated them from their past. Help is what they need, is what you can offer and not only offer but can make sense for everything, everywhere.

But failure, in the supersonic speeds upfront, still hides behind every taken breath. Still, there’s the reason for hope, if it’s there to stare at you, pointing at you, asking you why you did what you did. Did you think enough? Did you do enough? There’s reason to resume, why not! Nothing else awaits. If it does, am I capable enough? Am I worthy enough? Rather than going where I need to go, where the time calls for, it’s for me okay to be where I am. To resume to culprit emotions of mine in the professional spaces of today’s time lacing me myself to drive me up, elating me, preparing me, letting me know what I don’t. That’s the world and that’s the failure.

Yetesh Sharma